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10 Reasons Why Going Barefoot Is Good For Your Health?

November 5, 2019
10 Reasons Why Going Barefoot Is Good For Your Health?

Walking barefoot is also called “Grounding” OR “Earthing”, which means walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand or any natural surface. Many types of research had already proved that it has many health benefits. It is because, when your bare skin comes in contact with the earth directly, the negative ions present in the earth can help balance the positive ions in your body and this will improve your health in many aspects.

These days, people are so much busy in their daily lives that they’ve lost their connection with nature and even upcoming generation are becoming more indoor techno freak that they don’t even know much about mother earth.

Going barefoot offers so many health benefits that might surprise you. Following are the ten reasons to go barefoot.

Insomnia Can Be Controlled:
A study in PubMed revealed that earthing influences physiologic processes and induces relaxation. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine also reported that people who had been exposed to grounding had a better night’s sleep compared with those who did not walk barefoot regularly. Earthing is believed to stabilize circadian rhythms, which explains why many people experience a better night’s sleep. According to National Sleep Foundation, an adult requires a minimum of seven hours of sleep to be healthy. It is believed that walking barefoot on the grass can cure insomnia.

Improves Nervous System:
Going outside, in general, can help regulate emotions and balance the nervous system, but letting your body come in contact with the soil directly decreases anxiety and stress even more. Since the Earth carries a negative charge with it, and we have a positive charge due to all the electromagnetic waves we come in contact with daily, spending time connecting with Earth is vital to your emotional and physical health.

EyeSight Can Be Improved:
There is a pressure point on the foot that connects with the nerves of the eye. When you walk barefoot in the morning on grass, the pressure point is stimulated which helps in improving your eye-sight.

Improves Cardiovascular:
Want to reduce those varicose veins? Want toastier feet in the winter and cooler feet in the summer? Do you want to overcome bodily injuries or heal a nagging foot condition (plantar fasciitis anyone?) In a shoe, your foot can’t bend, rotate or flex – it’s in a two-dimensional box! Once you’re out of a shoe, you’re moving your foot more three-dimensionally, giving your feet a workout. The more your feet work, the stronger they become and the more blood flow they need (and the body provides). Increased blood flow helps with varicose veins, temperature regulation, healing, and much more

Increases Immunity:
Stimulation of the nervous system while walking barefoot helps in improving one’s immunity. We have noticed that kids love to play and move around barefooted. When children play in the sand, it helps them get stronger and also, their immunity is enhanced.

Increases Energy:
Walking barefoot on the sand, road and on the small rocks stimulates the pressure points. One might initially find it a little difficult to walk barefoot, but as the days go by it slowly strengthens your legs and your body. The energy level increases, making you very active.

A decrease in Inflammation:
Damage in the cells causes inflammation which leads to cancer, heart diseases, aging and many other problems. By walking barefoot on the ground, the electrons present in the earth act as antioxidants that help to decrease the inflammation.

A decrease in Hormonal and Menstrual Symptoms:
Imbalance of the hormones can lead to several mental and physical problems. Premenstrual syndrome in women can cause mood-swings, stomach aches, headaches, gain in weight, constipation, acne and few other symptoms. Walking barefoot can help in decreasing these symptoms.

Blood Pressure Is Controlled:
The nerves of the feet are stimulated when we walk barefoot. Stress levels come down when you walk barefoot on the ground. Since stress is released, this helps in controlling the blood pressure.

Reduction in Chronicle Pain:
Electrons present in the earth help enrich the immune system in our body. The electrons are absorbed by our body, while walking barefoot increase the oxygen levels and thus, helps reduce chronicle or acute pain in our body.

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